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Pip's Tips- You Can't Buy a House Like a Handbag

Dated: October 22 2016

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Unique Qualities

Oh, but I was telling you about the flash idea that I had — it was this: You Can’t Buy a House Like a Handbag. OK. This is what I mean; different handbags have unique qualities. Some have big handles and you can throw tons of stuff in like a black hole or little compartments where you can never find anything because there are too many places or they are just perfect and you figure out where everything should go (thanks, Baggalini!) … Or they have different styles like beads or leather… small or big, here’s the thing – you can take the handbag with you. But your house (on the other hand) stays where it is. It lives there permanently as you go gallivanting around town to town, state to state, country to country. But you return home. And that’s the thing I’m getting at LOCATION.

Location, Location, Location

A real estate seminar I heard recently summed up the three most important values that define buyers’ needs. Numero uno: location. And I don’t mean that in the cliche of location, location, location. Because in a way that is more about the popular destinations, the locations that everyone else wants. I mean it in the “figure out where” YOU want to live… and just like my computer program asks me to “Narrow and Refine” choices… that’s what you need to do. Cast a smaller net – once you decide on the where – then worry about price (2nd) and the fancy gables and faux stone – (the style – 3rd). Just because you are looking at homes on the internet, it’s not really like buying that handbag from Macy’s. You may think that it has everything but until you physically stand in the backyard surveying your future estate, and ask yourself – is this where I want to be?

A house is NOT a handbag and remember – you can’t take it with you, but you can love where you live.

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