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Pip's Tips - Forget Finding Your Forever House

Dated: January 27 2017

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Finding Nemo. Finding Dory. Finding Forever?…

We’ve all heard the term “Forever House.” Well, while it’s fine to dream, I say forget “forever.” Searching for bright orange fish is purely a fantasy, but can you really find that ubiquitous “forever” house? One house that has everything (you think) you want and needs and that will fit you and your life as decades pass?

Who made up that phrase anyway? You certainly hear it all the time on TV and from my Realtor’s point of view, I’m afraid that has pushed people into totally believing that there is that one house out there that is totally perfect for the rest of their lives. Perfection is the problem. Compromise is the answer. And don’t get me wrong. I want you to find the house of your dreams – well (true confession) personally, I did find my own oasis 25 years ago. It was time to stop renting and buy and I knew the instant I walked in that “this is it.” I wasn’t thinking about the future, though — I just wanted to buy it. Today, as I hike up stairs and worry having the driveway plowed, I start to think about options. A quarter century is not forever — but my time frame is not the norm.

According to the National Association of Realtors, Americans today tend to move every nine years on average. So what fits your life at this moment may be completely different — even months from now!  My advice is to listen to your heart and take a chance. Too often the wish list can outweigh the reality of the market — and the budget.  As Frances Mayes wrote in her book “Under the Tuscan Sun:” “…to sell is to walk away from a cluster of memories and to buy is to choose where the future will take place.” For Mayes, Italy had a “magnetic north pole” pull on her psyche, but for most people finding the right home isn’t always that crystal clear. Follow your heart, I say… along with my help the home will find you…even if it isn’t forever!

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Pip's Tips - Forget Finding Your Forever House

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